Miller Harris

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We took ​creative direction of the brand, helping Miller Harris reinvigorate brand identity, gain brand awareness, attract a younger demographic and ensure successful international development.

In the first stage of the approach, we devised a clear and tactical brand strategy to ensure that the brand maintained a homogenous identity during all communication activities. For this, we redesigned all company tools including brand guidelines, corporate documents, training guides, brochures and press releases. We then devised a series of new product launches, with responsibilities spanning from creative direction on photoshoots, ads, videos and digital tools (banners, newsletters), to visual merchandising in locations such as Miller Harris boutiques, Harrods and Selfridges.

Miller Harris Miller Harris Miller Harris

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Reflex New York is seeking a full-time Art Director to create outstanding design, communication and identity solutions for both print and web. Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication or related area, a minimum of two (2) years of experience in art direction and management of design team for projects involving beauty and/or luxury brands. Send resume and cover letter to: jclark@reflexgroup.com or jobs-newyork-group@reflexgroup.com