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Reflex’s beautiful branding arrived in the Big Apple in 2002.
The New York office is one of our largest, with an especially strong presence in data analytics and influencer marketing.

Our New York creative agency is based in the Flatiron District, in the heart of Manhattan, so you can be sure we have a pulse on it all.

20 west 20th street, suite 900
New York, NY 10011, USA
What3Words +1 212 366 4540
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the dedicated team

Armand Armand
Armand Head of Production
Arnaud Arnaud
Arnaud Creative Director
Camelia Camelia
Camelia Account intern
Rowan Rowan
Rowan Design Intern
Siham Siham
Siham International Liaison
Anna Anna
Anna Account Manager
Ysan Ysan
Ysan Partner - Seoul
Janice Janice
Janice Account Manager
Kareena Patel Kareena Patel
Kareena Patel Design Intern
Thanh Nguyen Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen Account Intern
Matteo Matteo
Matteo Partner - Milano
Margit Margit
Margit Designer
Irina Chen Irina Chen
Irina Chen Designer
Emilie Emilie
Emilie Account Director
cobey cobey
cobey Art Director
Selvi Selvi
Selvi India Correspondent
Kristy Kristy
Kristy Designer
Martha Tefera Martha Tefera
Martha Tefera Account Intern
Xana Xana
Xana Partner - Lisboa
Hugues Hugues
Hugues CFO
Joya Joya
Joya Design Intern
Genie Genie
Genie Account Manager
Yiping Yiping
Yiping Technical Director
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Design Intern
nicolas nicolas
nicolas Creative Director
Wilfred Wilfred
Wilfred Partner - Hong Kong
Ilan Ilan
Ilan Designer
Luc Luc
Léane Gouti Léane Gouti
Léane Gouti Design Intern
Bria Bria
Bria Account Intern
Adeline Adeline
Adeline Designer
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Account Intern
Dinah Dinah
Dinah Business Director
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Art Director
Sora Sora
Sora Account Manager
Gini Gini
Gini Creative Director
Sam Sam
Sam Account Executive
Theresa Theresa
Theresa Content Creator

where we are

We are an international creative agency that spans the globe, giving us a universal point of view with a local flair.