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Reflex arrived in China in 2006, and in the years since has rapidly adapted to the fastest moving nation in the world.

Our marketing agency is based in the heart of Huangpu, the cultural side of Shanghai. A stone’s throw away from West Nanjing Road, the faultline of Chinese retail, ensures we’re always in tune with the latest in marketing trends.

550 East YanAn Road, Ocean Towers, Room 2755
Shanghai 200001, China
+86 21 6466 8305
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the dedicated team

cobey cobey
cobey Art Director
Fion Fion
Fion designer
Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer account manager
Stephanie Stephanie
Stephanie digital director
Hugues Hugues
Hugues CFO
Dasha Dasha
Dasha art director
Luc Luc
Margit Margit
Margit Designer
Theo Theo
Theo digital strategist
Audrey Audrey
Audrey Design Intern
Esther Esther
Esther vp communications
Gini Gini
Gini senior art director
Anna Anna
Anna account manager
Tori Tori
Tori Design Intern
Lynn Lynn
Lynn art director
Adeline Adeline
Adeline graphic designer
Pomy Pomy
Pomy Account Intern
Arnaud Arnaud
Arnaud creative director
Genie Genie
Genie account manager
diane diane
diane designer
Janice Janice
Janice Account Intern
Yiping Yiping
Yiping technical director
nicolas nicolas
nicolas creative director
matteo matteo
matteo partner

where we are

We are an international creative agency that spans the globe, giving us a universal point of view with a local flair.