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Maison Castel

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ReflexGroup have developed a close relationship with Maison Castel in China, as the family brand of the Castel Group makes its mark on the middle kingdom.

They came to us with a desire to differentiate themselves in the Chinese market. We developed a strategy of promoting Maison Castel not as a wine of the exclusive elite, but a wine of the people. The chance for a true taste of France, beyond Eiffel Towers and cliched romance. The French People's Wine.

We handle their social media management and weekly WeChat content, building knowledge of wine as a whole whilst promoting the French People's Wine. This includes discussion of each wine's origins, as well as French drinking culture as a whole.

In addition to this regular content, we created an HTML5 Minisite, showcasing the wine's journey through China and promoting the sportsmanship spirit of the 2018 Beijing Longines Masters, an event sponsored by Maison Castel. This minisite culminated in a prize draw, delivering event tickets and wine-related prizes to lucky users.

Maison Castel
Maison Castel

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