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Agent Provocateur

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The luxury lingerie brand wanted to enhance their in-store consumer experience by offering clients a way to explore their designs when products were either unavailable in-store, or needed further elaboration owing to the intricacies of their design. Due to the intimate nature of the stores, showcasing all items from the range is not always possible, thus the brand needed a way to virtually introduce clients to garments without compromising on the bespoke, luxury experience expected.

We designed and developed a tablet application which gave Agent Provocateur sales staff the ability to access all lingerie lines and guide clients through the range. The app displayed the beautiful lingerie pieces on models and incorporated a zoom function to ​allow customers to explore the designs in more detail. Customers were also given the chance to ‘shop the range’ or ‘share’ the image if they wanted to buy,​​​ save or share their favourite designs. The application was consequently rolled out in Agent Provocateur retail locations worldwide.

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur

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