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Reflexgroup is an international communications agency working with a number of the world’s finest labels, including numerous L’Oréal and LVMH brands. The team is made up of thirty designers, strategists and engineers.

Reflex’s Survey Department is currently looking for serious and/or professional photographers to participate in user testing and market studies.
Participants’ time will be compensated.

Please apply if you are interested in contributing and a team member will be in touch regarding selection in a number of the studies.

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We believe that your data is your most valued property and, therefore, essential to you. The protection of your information will always be our highest priority and we will never use it for commercial purposes.

By submitting this survey, you agree to Reflex collecting and processing your data to build a database and select some respondents who will participate in market studies and product-testing. Once collected, this data will only be used for selecting individuals to participate in market studies and product-testing. The data shared with our clients to select these individuals will be anonymized and will never include first name(s), last name(s) or email address(es). You will only be contacted if you are selected to participate in the studies or testing. Reflex will provide access to your name and email on a need to know basis solely to its employees and its subcontractors who are bound by the same terms as this privacy notice.

This data collection is compatible with GDPR regulations. You may ask Reflex to provide you with access to your Personal Data. If you wish to update and/or delete your Personal Data from the database, you can do so by sending an email with a copy of your ID to data@reflexgroup.com.