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Science-Backed Skincare: How Some Brands Shine in a Crowded Space?

Science-Backed Skincare: How Some Brands Shine in a Crowded Space?

By Shivangi Singh, Digital Strategist at ReflexLondon

Skincare brands with a science-backed feel have been popping up everywhere, but there are still ways to stand out.

In the realm of skincare, science-based approaches have taken center stage. These approaches involve the meticulous formulation of skincare products, utilizing active ingredients tailored to meet the specific needs of your skin. What sets science-based skincare apart is the rigorous backing of all claims by concrete scientific research and comprehensive laboratory studies.

Brands have been revolutionizing the industry by making active ingredients, once exclusive to luxury brands, accessible to the everyday consumer. Brands such as Noble Panacea, Lancer, and Proven Skincare have adopted a science-backed approach, from the ideation to the final product. The industry intends to influence consumers to invest their time and money in beauty products while fostering a sense of empowerment and intelligence. Numerous competitors have embraced this trend, offering straightforward skincare products and prioritizing high-quality ingredients as a central aspect of their brand identity. Is science-backed, transparent beauty a passing trend? Or has it changed the beauty industry forever, setting clean formulas and clean ingredients as a prerequisite for consumer consideration?

Modern shoppers are now meticulously scrutinizing the ingredients in beauty products, prioritizing safety. A recent report by The NPD Group showed buying skincare products made with clean ingredients was a priority for 68% of consumers. The clean beauty sector has rapidly expanded and is anticipated to sustain its growth in response to this demand. This change is here to stay. 

And since the change is here to stay- in an overcrowded "science-backed" skincare space, what really matters and how can you stand out?

Educate and empower

Learning about a product, and understanding how the formula behind it works, empowers the customer and familiarizes them with the whole purpose behind skincare to begin with. Customers need to feel they are not giving in to marketing tricks. They don’t give in to impossible beauty standards anymore as they can now talk about beauty and products with more authority. Noble Panacea is a  luxury science-backed skincare brand. ReflexGroup took to their social media channels to execute an educational content marketing strategy. Humanizing science buzzwords and engaging directly with the audience to address their concerns helped in building trust and ultimately empowering the target audience. Through disruptive educational marketing powered by demystifying the science behind the label, Noble Panacea has been able to cement a global presence and expand from the UK and USA to countries such as Singapore and Dubai with many more to come. 

Cater to a niche 

Proven skincare is the ultimate example of how continuous product innovation can help you create a niche and build a strong community. Proven uses a proprietary AI-driven database to synthesize multiple aspects of a person’s skin, environment, and lifestyle, giving them the ultimate custom skincare 3-step skincare routine. To further tell their story, our team gave the brand a facelift that enabled a quick, easy, and effortless way to get to the root of your skincare needs. Adding to its long list of accomplishments, Proven Skincare was given the 2018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Technology Award, and 2022 Glossy Beauty Awards, and reached more than US$30 million in revenue.

What sets you apart?

In an industry full of brands that promise to be sustainable and clean, pushed forward with minimalistic branding - what can really make a brand stand out is its unique visual identity. ReflexGroup, helped Costa Brazil tell its unique take on skincare through creative storytelling. Keeping in mind that Costa Brazil’s branding is infused with subtle odes to nature and the spirit - our work emphasized the brand's connection to the earth and prioritized the buyer's journey. We need to keep in mind that stories have the power to influence consumer choices. Only when consumers relate to your brand story will they choose your product over another.

Final Thoughts

Science-backed skincare is proving to be a consumer favorite and marketing genius. 

The era of consumers choosing beauty and skincare products solely for their luxurious brand names and attractive packaging has faded into the past.

In the present day, shoppers are diligently scrutinizing the ingredients of beauty products to ensure maximum efficacy. The “science-backed skincare” market has emerged as a rapidly expanding category, with expectations of sustained growth in demand. From a niche trend that surfaced in recent years, to a staple, non-negotiable of skincare products, science-backed formulas are here to stay.