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Brough Superior Motorcycles

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The iconic motorcycle brand, praised and collected by T.E. Lawrence, was first been established in 1919 by George Brough in Nottingham, England. After redefining the codes of ultra-luxury during its most glorious days, and almost a century after its creation, the brand has now reborn in France under the ownership of Thierry Henriette, Brough Superior is now on a mission to create motorcycles rooted in legacy, but also driven by technology. Always pushing the boundaries of luxury, the brand partnered with Aston Martin to create the very exclusive AMB001, a track-only bike combining iconic design and state-of-the-art engineering.

We were tasked to rebuild the brand website, redefining the overall digital brand identity and allowing customers to learn everything they need to know about Brough’s motorcycles. Additionally, customers now have the chance to configure their very own, highly personal bikes and make online reservations.

Brough Superior Motorcycles
Brough Superior Motorcycles
Brough Superior Motorcycles

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